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Flea Free and Fee Free

When I was in middle school my father got us a Collie puppy from one of the neighbors. Prince and I spent many happy days romping the fields in rural New York. Prince loved thunderstorms, and he spent every storm running around the yard barking at the thunder. I remember sitting on the front porch during storms completely terrified that he would get struck by lightning! I would call and call for him to come, but he was too engrossed in the fun of chasing the storm.

Prince was also always covered in fleas, and he was not allowed in the areas of the house where there was carpet. I used to wait until my parents were busy outside then sneak him upstairs to the bathtub so I could bathe him. I was always so proud that I was able to get all of the fleas off! I would spend hours scrubbing and rinsing him and combing him and killing fleas. Of course, I had no idea about the flea life cycle or “flea biomass” at the time, so I had no clue that my efforts were futile.

At SNAP we believe educating and empowering pet parents (and families) on the basic veterinary care needs in their home is an essential part of supporting the human-animal bond. When we understand the health needs of our pets and we provide them the care they need, we can experience comfort, pride, satisfaction, and connection. And because animals are not judgmental, bonding with an animal is a safe place for humans to learn how to face and deal with our emotions and basically become better versions of ourselves—without the risk of being rejected. Your support of SNAP provides the organization the fuel needed to continue moving forward. Together, we will create lasting impact for people and pets.Dr. Mary Kate Lawler, Surgeon & Executive Director


Also, a few months ago, our fundraising software company offered charities like SNAP the opportunity to host a 24-hour online fundraiser and reimburse the processing fees associated with the giving day. We took advantage of this opportunity and signed up because we would love to have an online fundraiser with no fees!! Our #Paws2SaveLives giving day is going to be Thursday, April 25th starting at midnight, which is fitting because we have been celebrating SNAP’s 25th Anniversary on the 25th of each month this year. We’re already off to a great start because our amazing supporter and cat lover, Tamara Morse, will be matching up to $5,000! And every person who donates $25 or more gets the opportunity to include a tribute honoring their pet, friend, or loved one. SNAP team members will then handwrite tributes on paper paw cutouts and display them at our SNAP clinics in Houston and San Antonio. This will not only give visibility to these special honorees, but will also demonstrate to our clients the important role your contributions play in saving lives.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume appointment requests, you may experience difficulties in scheduling an online appointment. If the wheel continues to spin as you are attempting to make an appointment, it’s an indication that our schedule is full. Please check again on Friday mornings when we open new appointments for the coming week. We appreciate your patience. ❤️

Potential Houston Clinic Closures: Due to the upcoming severe weather, there may be closures or changes in operating hours at our clinics. Please check our social media channels for real-time updates on clinic closures.