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Check-In Instructions

Please follow the check-in instructions below for your pet’s spay or neuter surgery and/or wellness visit at SNAP:

We require at least 24-hours notice for all cancelations. Failure to give notice of cancelation may lead to you losing your ability to schedule with us or have to pay a non-refundable deposit to be able to schedule an appointment. To cancel your appointment, please call us at 210-673-7722, option 5, select the clinic you scheduled at and leave a voice mail.

Surgery Appointment Check-in Instructions:

Payment for services is due at check-in. Vaccines, microchipping, heartworm testing for dogs, and feline leukemia/FIV testing for cats is also available. Please see our price sheet on each individual location page or contact us if you have additional questions.

  • Please arrive between 7:15 – 8:30 AM and sign in for the surgery check-in process. Be prepared to wait as the check-in process can take an hour or more.
  • If your pet is current on rabies vaccination, please bring a current rabies certificate at time of check-in. A rabies tag is not sufficient proof of vaccination. If a rabies certificate is not provided, a rabies vaccine will have to be given to proceed with surgery.
  • Withhold all food and treats after 10:00 PM the night before surgery.
  • Water may be left out overnight.
  • If you are currently administering or your pet has recently taken any medications, vitamins and/or injections, please notify our SNAP team member during check-in.
  • Discharge Times: Dogs 4:00 – 5:00 PM, Cats 5:30 PM
  • Please bring all dogs on leashes and cats in a secure carrier.

Wellness Appointment Check-in Instructions:

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete the check-in process. Failure to do so may result in the rescheduling of your appointment.  Your appointment time can be found by viewing the appointments section of your pet portal

Wellness Appointments

Wellness appointments at SNAP are for preventative care only, which includes such services as vaccination, microchipping, heartworm testing (dogs), FIV and Feline Leukemia testing (cats). SNAP does not see sick or injured pets, and your pet must be feeling well in order to receive vaccinations. If your pet becomes unwell prior to his/her visit, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.

All patients being seen for wellness require an exam.  An exam is also required annually in order to be dispensed prescription flea/tick medication.  All dogs are required to get a heartworm test annually in order to be dispensed heartworm prevention. A list of our current services and prices can be found on our price list. All prevention is currently dispensed via our online pharmacy.

It is SNAP’s policy that pets who are over 6 months of age and not spayed or neutered may be seen ONCE in our wellness clinic, after which time they may not be seen again until they are spayed or neutered. For information about spaying and neutering, including how it improves the health of pets and the community, please click here.

SNAP recommends that all patients have a primary full-service veterinarian that can treat any injuries or illnesses that arise, as well as perform routine blood work and dental exams. At SNAP we want to help you keep your pet healthy by making preventative care affordable, but all pets will need care at a full service veterinarian during their life time and we recommend you find one you like in advance before an urgent situation arises.

A list of See our current services and prices can be found on our price list by clicking here.

We look forward to providing your pets with quality care for many years to come. If you have any questions, please call us at 210.673.7722 (San Antonio), 713.862.8001 (Houston), or 713.343.1700 (Pasadena).

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume appointment requests, you may experience difficulties in scheduling an online appointment. If the wheel continues to spin as you are attempting to make an appointment, it’s an indication that our schedule is full. Please check again on Friday mornings when we open new appointments for the coming week. We appreciate your patience. ❤️

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Our Pasadena clinic will be closed until further notice due to power outage from Hurricane Beryl.