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SNAP Policies

This provides a summary of our policies, additional policies or requirements not listed here might still be enforced. SNAP reserves the right to change or update policies when needed. In cases of specific campaigns or offers some additional rules/policies may apply. As a veterinary medical facility, SNAP reserves the right to decline services due to, but not limited to: client not following policy, inappropriate behavior, aggressive pet, pet services outside our scope of work, if our veterinarian determine it is in the best interest of your pet to seek veterinary care elsewhere, if no VCPR (veterinary client patient relationship) is present or is being dissolved.

Our organization is committed to maintaining a positive and respectful working environment for all employees. Disrespectful behavior towards our workers will not be tolerated. Clients are expected to communicate with our staff in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner; and to comply with policies and instructions provided by our staff during the course of business. Verbal abuse, yelling, offensive language, threats, or any form of disrespectful communication will not be tolerated. Disregard for this policy may lead to termination of our services. The decision to terminate services will be at the Organization’s discretion.

If you have concerns about your service or have feedback about your experience please contact us. Allow at least 48 hrs prior to our response. Response can take longer during weekends or holidays.

  1. Clients are required to show to the scheduled appointment on time or cancel with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the schedule appointment time. After 1 no show, you may be required to put a non refundable deposit prior to being able to schedule an appointment. After 2 no shows, you might be declined the ability to schedule, or might be required full payment of services with no refund prior to being able to schedule an appointment. Some of our clinics require a non-refundable deposit before an appointment can be scheduled.


  2. Clients should read carefully all communication sent by SNAP prior to their appointment. Your confirmation/reminder email/texts, our website information, sign in paperwork and consent forms have important information that will help you know what to expect on your visit. SNAP has taken the time to create communication that is clear and comprehensive so that you can determine if we are the best fit for your pet’s needs. It is the client’s responsibility to read and ask questions before services are provided.
  3. Some breeds, age, conditions may increase the risk of complications for your pet during and after surgery. Acceptance of a patient for surgery may be clinic or veterinarian dependent. For additional information on what may or may not be an acceptable candidate for surgery with SNAP please visit our Declined and High risk surgery list. Not all cases can be listed, and some conditions may not be noted until the Veterinarian’s exam on the day of surgery. SNAP’s reserves the right to decline services for any reason.


  4. SNAP does not pay for medical treatment at other veterinary facilities. Anesthesia and surgery both have inherit risks that cannot be 100% prevented . SNAP aims to provide follow up for complications within our clinics when possible. We offer free recheck exam for our surgery patients during our business hours (cost of medications or treatments may apply). In some instances when complications occur outside of our business hours, symptoms do not seem related to SNAP surgery, treatment is urgent or an emergency to preserve your pet’s life, or SNAP does not have the proper diagnostics or treatment tools needed to improve your pet’s condition; you will be advise to seek care at a full service clinic or emergency clinic. The client is always responsible for these costs.


  5. SNAP will not service animals that are too aggressive for our staff safe handling.
  6. All medical treatments are at the discretion and authorization of our Veterinarians. We require a SNAP Veterinarian exam for all vaccines and treatments.
  7. We require pet’s to have a current (within 12 months) SNAP veterinarian exam and current rabies vaccination for all approved tech service appointments.
  8. We require a negative heartworm test to be done at SNAP or within 1 month prior to prescribing dog heartworm prevention.
  9. SNAP requires all animals to be current on Rabies vaccination prior to surgery or any services. A veterinary rabies certificate or veterinarian physical medical record with vaccine administration date and duration specific for the pet is required at time of service as proof (tags are not accepted, we will not call clinics for verbal confirmation). If your pet is not current or the necessary proof is not present, SNAP will administer a rabies vaccine at client’s cost. Rabies vaccines are legally required for all dogs and cats in the state of Texas.
  10. SNAP does not give written outside prescriptions for any medication including HW, flea, tick prevention.
  11. SNAP will not provide services without a previous appointment scheduled except when a specific date/location has advertised available walk in appointments.
  12. SNAP requires payment at time of service with no exceptions.
  13. All animals presented for spay/neuter at SNAP will receive a tattoo to indicate sterilization. Dogs will have a tattoo placed near the surgical incision. Cat’s will have a tattoo placed near their surgical incision and inside their left ear pinna. All TNR (trapped cats) will have their left ear tip notch.
  14. If during the course of your pet’s treatment a condition is discovered which requires medical attention, the attending veterinarian may, with sole discretion, perform such procedure/treatment. Clients will be responsible to pay a reasonable cost for these services.


  15. If your pet is found to have fleas/ticks while at our clinics, the veterinarian may apply treatment for these to prevent spread to our other patients. Clients will be responsible to pay for the necessary treatment.
  16. SNAP does not provide wellness services for pet’s over 6 months that are not spayed/neutered. 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume appointment requests, you may experience difficulties in scheduling an online appointment. If the wheel continues to spin as you are attempting to make an appointment, it’s an indication that our schedule is full. Please check again on Friday mornings when we open new appointments for the coming week. We appreciate your patience. ❤️

Potential Houston Clinic Closures: Due to the upcoming severe weather, there may be closures or changes in operating hours at our clinics. Please check our social media channels for real-time updates on clinic closures.