In Honor of Lil Boy
We found you wondering the streets and you stole our heart.
From: Kathleen Shadle

In Memory of Penolope
From: Rosemarie Lucchesi

In Honor of Gianni
From: Stephanie Dye

In honor of my mother, Mercedes Maes
From: Anthony Maes

In honor of the Carolyn and Frank Pichardo Family Fund for generously offering to match the first $10,000 we receive in donations for our #FureverFriends fundraising campaign.

My dear sister, Linda, spent her last five years in the Houston area so she could be with her beloved daughter, Tamara.  I made many trips from Seattle and Tucson to be with her and we always talked about how important her cats were in her life.  Pets enrich our lives more than we will ever know and she lived out her years with love and devotion from Sophie and Maggie.  We were always grateful to have the dedication of SNAP to guide us through some difficult times.
From: The family of Tamara Morse

In Honor of Leopold Brandt
From: I Brandt

In Memory of Mischief, Louie, Beans and Penny cats
From: Gina Biondo

In honor of Maddy Sexton
From: Shaun Sexton

In honor of Karen Waldauer
From: Shura Sullivan

In Honor of Nikia Youman
Congratulations on your retirement and I wish the best on your future journey!
From: Chaya Taylor

In Memory of Georgie McGrew
Georgie was 16 when he passed and until that time he was the best Yorkie I could’ve ask for. Always in our hearts! We love you!
From: Sharyl McGrew

In Memory of Knox, Boots & Keyo. For the all joy and laughter you doggies brought our families.
From: Leisa Velasco

In Honor of Audry T. Williams
From: Nikolay Campbell

In Honor of Trixie Doodle Head. The best kitty ever!
From: Earle Head

In Honor of Jilly Anzaldua
From: Shaun Anzaldua

In Honor of Jake
From: Linda Toney

In memory of Cindy Fitzgerald
From: Vivian and Frank Grizzaffi

In Memory of Patches. I will forever miss you.
From: Dale Schanlaub

In Honor of Mojo
From: Harriet Trevas

In Honor of Dr. James Carl Hofmann
From: Lois Hofmann

In honor of Jax & Pepper
From: Dawn & Buster Gates

In Memory of Maxx Murphy. To give in memory of my beloved furbaby, Maxx, who gave me so much joy and happiness, is an honor and privilege in hopes of helping other pets.
From: Carla Murphy

In Memory of Phebe Doerries, our beloved Cavachon.
From: Doerries Family Foundation

In Memory of My TedEBear who passed December 2022.
From: Brenda Leal

In honor of Thelma, Louse, & CJ
From: Ivan & Myra Socher

In Memory of Nibbler. Nibbler warned me of my house burning down and I woke up to his meowing, but I could not see him through the smoke. I tried my hardest to save him. That little angel saved my life. My best friend.
From: Amber Kalish