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What is the difference of spaying/neutering at SNAP vs a General Veterinary clinic? Why is the cost so different?

SNAP is able to provide spay and neuter services at affordable prices thanks to a combination of multiple strategies.
  1. High efficiency model: High quality, high volume spay neuter clinics (HQHVSP) are based on the concept that the more volume of pets seen in a period of time, the less the cost for each pet has to be to achieve the needed revenue. The only way to achieve an increase volume of surgical patients is to have strict focus on specific services. Becoming efficient enough to increase the quantity requires repetition of the same process and a stream line un interrupted process. This requires no deviations, no alternatives and no individualization of the process. This means every animal receives the same exam, the same drugs, the same treatments. That’s why we focus on healthy pets that have a high safety range with our process. Please read our Declined and High risk surgery list for information on what animals might not be accepted for surgery at SNAP. We do not have the capability to pre screen animals for potential pre existing conditions that are not obvious on a physical exam; which is why we encourage clients to have any desired testing ahead of time at a full service clinic. SNAP recommends pets over 5 years of age to get pre anesthetic blood work. We cannot individualize treatment because a patient has a specific condition thus, we might decline your pet’s surgery if we feel there is an increase risk, or the need for pre surgery testing. Like the saying states: “you can be good at everything but great at nothing, or be great at one thing”.
  2. Reduce expenses: We only keep the necessary tools that allow us to do the job we are focus on doing. This means we do not have tools, equipment, and medications required to treat more extensive medical conditions or complications. The more a clinic expands their treatment, the more their expenses grow, the more the cost to the clients become.
  3. Public supported charity (non profit) model: Being a public supported charity we depend on public support with donations to keep our prices low and to be able to subsidize services when needed. Public donations, foundation donations and grants allow us to cover part of our expenses, so that the revenue does not have to come out of the pocket of the clients we serve. It also allows us to boost our subsidy programs, and reach more of the community that can’t otherwise afford the care for their pets.
  4. City contracts. As a non profit we do not receive any direct funds from the government. We can bid and partner with cities and groups to provide services to their communities or to specific areas the city determine are in need. These services are usually at no cost to the pet owner, but are payed for by the city or group at a contracted rate.

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Potential Houston Clinic Closures: Due to the upcoming severe weather, there may be closures or changes in operating hours at our clinics. Please check our social media channels for real-time updates on clinic closures.