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Pepita's Story

Pepita (pictured here), is a cheerful and playful Domestic Short-Hair cat with a “ticked tabby” fur pattern. Pepita found her way into the Soriana family’s yard when she was just 5 weeks old. Initially wary of humans, it took a week for Pepita to feel comfortable enough to stay put when the Sorianas approached her. During that week, she meowed persistently, and the family noticed she wasn’t eating. Fast forward to today, and Pepita, now 6 months old, has not only warmed up to the Sorianas but has also formed a strong bond with her canine brother, Sunshine.

To ensure that Pepita doesn’t contribute to the animal overpopulation crisis in our city, she was spayed and microchipped at SNAP. This significant step not only safeguards Pepita’s wellbeing but also helps control the population of stray animals.

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