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Lola's Story

Nestor and his wife share their home with two dogs, Chikita and Lola (pictured here), and nine cats, but their compassion extends beyond their own pets. SNAP is grateful to have supporters with this kind of commitment to improving the wellbeing of the animals in their community. In fact, Nestor routinely places water and food on his front porch to care for wandering dogs and cats. His wife dreams of building a shelter for rescued animals if they were to ever win the lottery!

Five weeks ago, Nestor discovered through his front porch camera that the food and water he had put out had disappeared. He refilled the dishes, only to witness the same scenario moments later. When he went out to investigate, he found a dog seeking refuge from the rain near his neighbor’s house. His experience rescuing animals paid off, and he was able to put the dog at ease as he brought her into his home.

The dog had no collar, and no microchip was detected when they had her checked, so Nestor and his wife decided to call the dog Lola and make her a permanent part of their family. As responsible pet owners, they brought Lola to SNAP for spaying and essential vaccinations to ensure her continued health.

After her surgery, Lola quietly recovered in her kennel, surrounded by the dedicated SNAP team and the 47 other dogs and cats who underwent spay and neuter surgeries that day.

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