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Jack's Story

In the outskirts of a bustling Walmart parking lot, a crate housed a litter of puppies, their tiny forms nestled together. Among them lay one puppy, perhaps a bit more solitary than the rest. As Margaret and her husband strolled by, their attention was drawn to this lone pup. After completing their shopping, the Balderas family returned to their car, only to be halted by a woman who approached them with a request to take the puppy explaining that it was a product of her own dog’s unceasing litters. Otherwise, she would leave the pup at the Walmart parking lot hoping the pup would be picked up or possibly dropped off at a shelter.

The Balderas family couldn’t bear the idea of leaving the pup to an uncertain fate. In a heartbeat, they embraced this unexpected addition into to their hearts and lives and returned inside Walmart to shop for essentials for their new companion, Jack. They promised him new beginnings and the warmth of a loving home. Adjusting to his new surroundings, Jack brings a whirlwind of energy and joy. Though their elder dog took time to warm up to him, each day witnessed their bond strengthening. Our SNAP team experienced Jack’s spunky personality as he visited our clinic for his first wellness exam and received his first round of vaccinations. When he is old enough, he will return to SNAP to be neutered.

For the Balderas family, Jack wasn’t just a puppy rescued from a parking lot; he is a beacon of love and resilience, a testament to the power of compassion in transforming lives, both human and canine.


Since our last update, Jack has thrived in his loving environment. He recently visited SNAP for his neuter surgery, which went smoothly. Jack impressed everyone with his calm and gentle demeanor, a testament to the loving care he receives from Margaret and her family. During his visit Jack aslo received his rabies, distemper/parvo, and leptospirosis vaccines to keep him healthy and happy for years to come. Additionally, he was microchipped, further ensuring his wellbeing. Jack has grown so much since we first met him, But one thing remains constant: he is deeply cherished by his family. Margaret and her husband are continually amazing by Jack’s boundless energy and affectionate nature, and their bond with him grows stronger every day.


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