You can help stop the crisis! Since our founding in 1994, with the partnership of passionate animal welfare advocates like you, we have faced the crisis of animal overpopulation head-on—preventing animal suffering on an enormous scale! We need you now more than ever, as we face another type of crisis: following an unprecedented year of natural disasters leading to loss of revenue, cash flow is very tight. Your financial support will help keep SNAP strong so we can continue our tireless work to end the needless suffering of cats & dogs by stopping the cycle of reproduction where it begins—through spay/neuter.

Use Your IRA to Make Your Charitable Gift in 2018!

If you are age 70 1/2+ you may direct a portion or all of your required IRA annual distribution to support the lifesaving work of SNAP. When you make a gift this way, you will not incur federal income tax on the withdrawal. To qualify, gifts must be made from a traditional IRA account by your IRA administrator directly to SNAP. (Funds which are withdrawn by you and then contributed must be reported as taxable income.)