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Circle of Champions Sustaining Partner Program

We are almost half way through our twenty-fifth anniversary year, and—as part of our celebration—we’re excited to introduce a revamped recurring giving program. Since most of our clients are income-challenged, SNAP relies on the support of animal advocates like you to keep our prices low and to provide subsidized services for qualifying clients. Please join our Circle of Champions to be a part of our Sustaining Partners Program! You can commit to saving lives by setting a monthly donation amount—either by check or automatic credit card transaction—to help fund SNAP’s programs on an ongoing basis. Sustaining Partners form the backbone of our support network, making it possible to continue our work for people and pets. Your one-time donation is valuable too!

• ALLY LEVEL ($5/month)
–At this level, you can feel good knowing you helped a family provide a neuter surgery for their pet.

• ADVOCATE LEVEL ($10/month)
–Your partnership at this level will help cover one spay.

• DEFENDER LEVEL ($25/month)
–At this level, your partnership will cover five community cat spays.

• GUARDIAN LEVEL ($125/month)
–Your partnership at this level will prevent the unplanned births of over 230,000 dogs over the course of seven years.

WHAT WE DO: Through low-cost veterinary care—focusing on high-efficiency spay/neuter and nurturing the human-animal bond—we strengthen families and communities by empowering our clients to care for their beloved animal companions. We also work with municipal animal shelters to speed up the pipeline from adoption floor to forever home by providing their adoptable animals with spay/neuter and vaccinations. We are the largest nonprofit spay/neuter provider in Texas, providing around 30,000 spay/neuter surgeries annually. The solution begins when the cycle ends.”

WHY WE DO IT: Domesticated animals depend upon human care. It’s up to us to combat the overpopulation which leads to suffering and needless death. SNAP was founded upon this premise. In recent years, we have become more conscious of the role SNAP plays in the human side of the equation, focusing more on how we nurture the human-animal bond. By providing our clients with information, education, and affordable spay/neuter and veterinary wellness care, we empower both people and pets to experience the richness of the amazing bond we share.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to high volume appointment requests, you may experience difficulties in scheduling an online appointment. If the wheel continues to spin as you are attempting to make an appointment, it’s an indication that our schedule is full. Please check again on Friday mornings when we open new appointments for the coming week. We appreciate your patience. ❤️

Potential Houston Clinic Closures: Due to the upcoming severe weather, there may be closures or changes in operating hours at our clinics. Please check our social media channels for real-time updates on clinic closures.