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Celebrating World Spay Day

It is February, and SNAP is VERY excited because this month we celebrate World Spay Day on Tuesday, February 26th. Like SNAP, WSD is dedicated to bringing attention to the pet overpopulation problem and the solution to that problem—spay/neuter. And, like SNAP, WSD is celebrating its twenty-fifth birthday this year! We will observe this year’s World Spay Day by offering spay/neuter surgery for community cats for a $25 copay at all three of our facilities.

Cats have only lived as completely indoor pets for about 70 years. The introduction of commercially-available clay litter in the 50’s is credited with making it possible for the cat to go from a mostly outdoor companion to an indoor companion. Although many pet cats now live exclusively indoors, there’s still a large population of outdoor kitties known as “community cats.” Those outdoor kitties may be feral (not socialized to humans) or simply friendly cats who are stray or free-roaming. Spay and neuter of community cats is an essential part of ending pet overpopulation. Community cats that end up in shelters and municipal facilities have the highest rates of euthanasia. Preventing these kitties from entering shelters is crucial to saving lives, and spay/neuter is the answer.

The community kitties that SNAP serves on Spay Day will receive spay/neuter, rabies vaccination (if at the appropriate age) and an ear tip. Ear tipping is a crucial part of all Community Cat programs. The Left Ear Tip removal is a universal sign to identify an already-spayed/neutered cat, thus allowing the cat to remain in the community as a community cat without adding to the kitty population.

Thank you for continuing to join SNAP on our path to save lives through spay/neuter and to improve our communities by supporting the human-animal bond.

Dr. Mary Kate Lawler, Surgeon and Executive Director
Spay-Neuter Assistance Program, Inc.
February 2019

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