While the coronavirus pandemic is causing major disruptions for people and businesses, SNAP is attempting to stay open as long as we are able to. This would be the worst time of year to stop spay/neuter, because it’s puppy and kitten season. In addition, as the pandemic develops and social distancing and self-quarantine become reality, we must understand that families are now being confined to their homes with their pets.

On one hand, this is fabulous; the human animal-bond will help with mental wellness and joy during this time. On the other, it is concerning, because if already struggling families have a pregnant dog or cat, the number of family members to care for increases instantly with unwanted births of more companion animals. This would add to both financial and emotional strain on families in an already-stressful time. Additionally, animal companions need to be on flea and tick prevention, be dewormed, and be up to date on their rabies vaccinations. There are a whole host of zoonotic diseases that can quickly become a problem if society overlooks the necessity of keeping pets living with humans healthy.

PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING US NOW, so that SNAP can continue to provide vital services to the people and pets of our community!

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