Welcome to our recurring giving program. Monthly giving is an important tool for publicly-supported charities like SNAP, giving you choice in your level of support, and conveniently dividing your gift into monthly payments. What this means for SNAP is steady monthly cash flow that we can budget and rely upon. This stability makes it possible for us to keep our services affordable to the public, so that we can continue to save lives and nurture the special bond our clients share with their beloved animal companions. Your one-time donation is valuable too!

  • ALLY LEVEL ($5/month)

–At this level, you can feel good knowing you helped a family provide a neuter surgery for their pet.

  • ADVOCATE LEVEL ($10/month)

–Your partnership at this level will help cover one spay.

  • DEFENDER LEVEL ($25/month)

–At this level, your partnership will cover five community cat spays.

  • GUARDIAN LEVEL ($125/month)

–Your partnership at this level will prevent the unplanned births of over 230,000 dogs over the course of seven years.

To donate by check, please mail to:

Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)
P.O. Box 70286
Houston, TX 77270-0286

To make a gift by phone, please contact Donor Services at (713) 343-1337.