17 Jul
  • By Magda Serrano
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By Your Side Through the Pawdemic

Let’s face it: 2020 hasn’t been the best year for humanity! Five months into the global Covid-19 pandemic, we humans find ourselves anxious and exhausted. Imagine, then, how our dog and cat companions feel, having battled their own “pawdemic” for many years. “What is a ‘pawdemic’?” you may ask. It’s when dogs and cats who are not spayed or neutered turn one litter into many litters which then turn into animal overpopulation. Many of the unplanned and unwanted pups and kittens end up in shelters where they face euthanasia or live lives of homelessness, hunger, and suffering.

Your partnership enables SNAP to continue fighting the pawdemic. In fact, just yesterday 87 dogs and cats were spayed and neutered, as we combat the animal overpopulation problem together. These surgeries will prevent approximately 319 births in one year. And by year seven, 1,374,582 births will have been prevented from being born only to suffer. Plus, last week, 207 fur patients like Lucky (pictured here) were seen by SNAP veterinarians and received vaccinations and prevention care. When Lucky’s momma brought him to SNAP for his visit, she received an urgent call and had to leave temporarily to pick someone up. Lucky was left patiently waiting in line for his turn and ended up being recruited to assist our team member in welcoming other fur patients.

Consider joining forces with us as we combat this relentless pawdemic and strive to keep our pets healthy and happy!

Forever grateful,

Dr. Mary Kate Lawler
Executive Director & Surgeon

Magda Serrano